02 January 2017

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I began reading Moby Dick in the summer of 2016.
Let me tell you more about that summer. I flew out for my little sister’s wedding to begin with.
First let me tell you about her wedding. It was great. We all really like her husband. Their colors were orange and blue and they had an outdoor wedding which was very beautiful. Her dress was the perfect dress for her and she looked so happy. They are having a very good time together, and they seem to be enjoying married life.
Let me talk a little bit about married life in general. On average, I’m going to throw out there that it is very enjoyable, and I prefer it to single life. There are a few things no one really prepares you for like, how do you buy gifts for someone if you share the same bank account? But on the whole it’s very nice.
Bear with me reader, while I talk about banks. I actually happen to prefer the credit union system. I don’t like all the hidden fees banks have, and I like the fact that I am a partial owner of the credit union. Also ours has a Keurig machine where you can get free coffee or tea or cocoa.
Let me talk for a bit about Keurig machines. I do appreciate how quickly you can get your coffee, but I find that the flavor is slightly compromised….
What am I doing you ask?
I’m writing like Herman Melville. At least I’m writing in the way Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick. He could not stay on track. He would start to tell the actual story and then get side tracked for like ten chapters talking just about the whale’s head. Seriously. Just the head.
If you don’t know the story of Moby Dick it’s the story of a captain whose one goal in life is to hunt down and kill this white whale named Moby Dick. He’s obsessed with destroying Moby Dick so much he will literally stop at nothing to achieve this goal The story is told by one of the sailors on board, and that’s really all you need to know. Oh yeah, also it’s a BILLION pages long and definitely doesn’t need to be.
Are you getting how much I didn’t like this book. If not, I hated this book. I think I’m supposed to love it and come out the other side enriched for my reading of this book, but I did not. Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s become such a big deal. I was just bored the whole time. I actually saved it for night time reading because it really helped me fall asleep. Though sometimes it was SO boring that it made me angry, which doesn’t make for restful sleep.
I didn’t like Moby Dick. Not one bit. But I read it so....