17 April 2013

Hushing Gosnell

     I don't always put up political posts, but when I do it's about something entirely unethical. There is a murder trial happening that I just found out about. Just found out. Like, this morning. The only reason I found out was because I read Christian blogs. Apparently when people who claim Christianity blow up abortion clinics it's a huge deal (it is, by the way, please don't claim to bear Christ's name and try to kill people), but when an abortionist commits atrocities we like to pretend to not notice.

     The last two days I've seen running commentary about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. It's heartbreaking and horrible, and I cried over some of the stories coming out of there, but more people were killed by Kermit Gosnell than were killed at the Marathon. President Obama declined to comment about the trials since it was an open trial. Who is shocked? Any hands? No? No one?

     There are pro-choicers who are trying to turn this around by saying things like, "Yeah, well, see, this is where women will go if they have no access to a safe and legal abortion." (Cause you know...safe and abortion totally make sense in the same sentence...no) But oddly enough there had been complaints and investigations into Gosnell's clinic, all the way back to the 80s. No one did anything about them. This shouldn't be a big surprise since this was a clinic for minority and lower income women. Since abortion rights were strongly endorsed by a major eugenicist and racist, I don't imagine things have changed that much. No one really cares if poor minority women and babies are dying. No amount of regulations or money will make anyone care, or will make abortions safe for anyone.

     I don't know how obvious it is, but I'm seriously bent out of shape over this. I mean, the fact that I know Gosnell isn't a rarity. The fact that women are being sold their "rights" when actually they are being victimized. The fact that abortion is really just a way to get rid of poor minorities and no one understands that, and the fact that I saw Casey Anthony's face every day for nearly two years on the news or online for killing one child. This man kills countless children and a woman in horrifying ways, and I'm just now hearing about this and this is the 5th week of this trial.

     Trevin Wax from The Gospel Coalition posted 8 chilling reasons why we are ignoring this story.

"Whenever we see news stories about abortion, the clinic must be portrayed as a “refuge” for women in distress, not a "house of horrors," where women are taken advantage of. But it is impossible to spin this story in a way that keeps “abortion clinic” away from negative connotations...Whenever we see news stories about abortion, the discussion must be framed in terms of providing “access” for low-income, minority women. But it is impossible to spin this story in a way that keeps people from wondering if perhaps some abortion providers are “targeting” low-income, minority women." (Read more here)

    Another blog post by Ann Voskamp was particularly touching and inspiring to me while thinking about this tragedy.

"And hear me, Son — our voice about women’s abortions lacks authenticity unless we speak of male promiscuity. Male promiscuity is about power and pleasure and no presence. Male promiscuity is about sensuality and fertility and no responsibility...And the truth is — We turn away from Gosnell because it’s our high school friends and it’s our sisters, its our daughters and our sons, and our children, our stained hands. It’s our grief of loss and our sins of neglect and our failure as a community. The tender mourning of it is that: Abortion is a sign of failure of community." (Read more here)

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Carrie said...

Well stated. Every time I sit down to write up my thoughts about this atrocity I can't seem to find appropriate words. It's so horrible to think about. And yet it's better to know of it, think about it and talk it out than to remain silent.