31 July 2012

Chronicles Concluded...sort of...

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

   Well, I didn't finish the whole series. I really thought that since it was a series, and since I read so fast anyway, it wouldn't be a problem at all to crank out oh say...a book a day. In theory this was actually very true, but something came up, you see.  I'd say I regret not finishing, but it just really wouldn't be true. I'm of course going to go ahead and finish the books, but not in the time I thought I would. I did get to The Magician's Nephew (reading non chronologically). So, it's not really the worst I could have done. I could have reached The Magician's Nephew reading chronologically. Hahaha...I don't even think I could blame my overfull heart for that.

   Also, late night phone conversations for three days in a row, regardless of how wonderful the person on the other end is, is bad for the brain. Do you know this? I did, theoretically. I have tried it out for myself, however, and I can guarantee that it's true. SO, I am going to do Mr. Lewis a favor and NOT attempt to review any of his wonderful wonderful Narnia tales, while my brain is in such a tizzy.

   Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I'll be less twitterpated and able to think about what I'm reading. Lies. I hope I'm never less twitterpated, but I DO hope I'll be able to think clearly about what I'm reading. Anyway, Carrie, as always it was fun. Can't wait to half participate in more of your challenges!


Ben Ditty said...

So happy for you, Heather :)

But on the other hand I'm reading Narnia too. I'm halfway through Caspian. I'm not sure if the order is chronological or not. I THINK it's in the order C.S. Lewis meant the story to be in, not that he wrote it in. But I don't really know.

BerlinerinPoet said...


Well, did you start with "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" or did you start with "The Magician's Nephew"?

bekahcubed said...

Yes, such things do have a way of throwing reading out of whack, do they not?

I look forward to hearing more from the less twitterpated (or maybe not?) you later on--getting to The Magician's Nephew is still pretty good.

I just read Prince Caspian. I've been intentionally going slow because, from the beginning, I've been wanting to use this challenge to mine thematic depths. In past years, I've supplemented my reading of The Chronicles themselves with other Lewis/Narnia related material. This year, I didn't have time. Ah, c'est la vie.

Carrie said...


I guess you're excused. ;D (The e-mails have slowed down too, I notice.)

BerlinerinPoet said...

They do indeed! And yes, it will calm down (mainly) and reviews will continue. :-) I've been really enjoying your Narnia posts by the way.