03 July 2012

The Great Narnia Adventure

   If you read this blog, you may be slightly aware that I am reading everything of C.S. Lewis. Ever. (A commenter pointed out that in order to do this I'd have to read sections of the OED, but don't confuse me with the facts, people!) You might know that I have this blog with my friend Libby where we discuss Lewis's A Problem of Pain, and you will NOW know that I am joining this challenge with my friend, Carrie.

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

   I'm so very very excited because I will be rereading The Chronicles of Narnia for the first time since my baby sister (?)...brother (?) was five. (For the record, I do know the gender of my younger siblings, but my mom read them aloud to us when each kid turned five and I'm not sure she did it for the last kid.....our poor caboose!) So, that is more years ago than I care to say, but it's definitely been too long.

   I also have been thinking this whole time that I was just planning on reading the series and that would be my participation in the Narnia Reading Challenge, but what if I wanted MORE? I mean, at the rate I read I could very well finish the series in the first part of the month and then I'd have two weeks of watching other people in the Reading to Know crowd do other cool Narnia stuff while I did nothing. So, I will give this a little more thought, and I might come up with more ideas of how to participate.

   And if you needed any FURTHER reasons as to why I'm so excited, the Reading to Know 2012 book club selection for July is any Narnia book! It all works perfectly. Anyway, regardless of how much gets done, I'm going to enjoy the month of July very much. Thank you, Carrie!


Carrie said...

Well, you're welcome! ;D

"Our poor caboose." HAHA!

BerlinerinPoet said...

We've always told her that she will one day have a fabulous personality...or she'll go crazy.