30 May 2012

Just Can't Handle the Wait Until My Next Post?

   I know. I apologize for the pompous title. BUT...just in case that is actually true for you. You can pop over to my new blog here. I know, it's a Wordpress account. Boo! Hiss! But the other contributor is doing more of the technical stuff and all I have to do is write. How can I argue with that?

   The concept was given to me by my friend Libby, who I went to college with. We were both History majors (although, she was a double major, music being the other one), and had many classes and good discussions together. Some of you may be vaguely aware that we nerd it up by having a year long reading contest in which we push our literary appetites to their limits. Last year I won. This year I'm going to win again....despite the fact that she's significantly ahead of me.

   Anyway, we decided to put our reading to some amount of good use. We both run book blogs. You are reading mine and this is hers, but like any good book fanatic, we both wanted more. We decided to set up a blog for discussing a book we were reading together. We would go through one chapter at a time and post our thoughts in two separate blog posts, leaving the comments sections for discussion. We'd LOVE you to contribute YOUR questions and thoughts as well.

   We've started with The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. We want to read more theological books, and I'm trying to read through Lewis....still. No, I haven't given up. So, get on over there and check it out! One word about the comments. I think my friend wouldn't mind my saying I am considerably less delicate of feeling than she is. Don't hear me wrong, she's no weakling, but she does prefer a general gentle approach to discussion. So, be prepared if your comments are in anyway rude or pugilistic, they may be removed. I don't have an actual guideline of "allowed comments," but know now that all comments submitted are completely subject to the censorship of our benevolent dictatorship. This is not to discourage your commenting; however, feel free to read along with us or just to ask questions. Hope to see you over there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure now we'll have to have a weekly contest update post or something...

On the comments it's basically don't be mean to a person. It's fine to hold and express a strong opinion but please limit your debating prowess to ideas and stay away from shredding the PEOPLE behind those ideas.

Heather, I'm pretty excited about this blog. For the record: You're wrong! (about that contest...)

Carrie said...

So now you might have to be MY blogging hero....with your additional blog and all.

We really MUST work on Joy, you know.

BerlinerinPoet said...

*is pleased*

YES! We should! She needs to join the blog family.