28 March 2012

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 6 - A Book That Makes Me Sad

1984...no Twilight...no Your Best Life Now... no Unbroken...no The Shack!

It took me a while to figure out which direction I was going to take this post. Should I talk more about 1984 and how much it changed my life but was depressing and disturbing at the same time? Should I be snarky and talk about how Twilight is encroaching on the already diminished brain capacity of the average teen? Should I talk about how it's depressing that there are evangelical Christians in the world who are wondering why they don't have a Bentley yet and questioning their faith as a result? Should I talk about the book that most recently put me in tears?

I finally settled on The Shack. And it's not just it's outrageously poor theology I have a problem with. Love Wins had equally poor theology, but I feel like since one is disguised as fiction, it is much more insidious.

I think down the road
We will all have forgotten
Rob Bell's book
Or at least
We will try to forget
That he writes like this
But most likely
I'm being optimistic
About this one too

I don't think The Shack will be as easily forgotten. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't think I am. I'm not going to review it because better people than I already have. All I want to say is that, aside from the deplorable writing and patronizing tone the author takes, the "love" put on display in that book is, at best, very human (and we all know how that has failed) and there is absolutely no hope within its pages. How other Christians can find anything good or hopeful in it is beyond me, and it makes me very sad.
Ok, it makes me more than sad. It honestly makes me a little angry, but I really don't want to rant. The question for this post was "A Book That Makes Me Sad" and that was the best I could do. Also, I lied about initially thinking of using 1984. I just said that because I just wanted to make the reference.
I'd ask what books made you sad, only this post has taken such a melancholy turn, I'm not sure it can handle much more. If you want to, you may share.


Carrie said...

I was hoping you'd go snarky. ;D

Ah, well. A book that makes me sad. Hmm.

(The Shack just makes me angry.) Probably any book by Bill Johnson makes me sad (and a little mad, too, to be perfectly honest.)

BerlinerinPoet said...

Heh...I haven't actually READ Twilight, so it wouldn't be exactly fair.

Yeah, I was having trouble differentiating between sad and mad myself. I guess for less aware/critically thinking people it makes me sad that they are being led astray. The actual author, or people who ought to know better...make me pretty mad.