20 March 2012

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 5 - A Book That Makes Me Happy (and also housekeeping)

George Orwell's 1984. Ok, ok...I'm kidding. Kidding! I mean, in some odd way, perhaps that's true, but usually the term "happy" implies some cozy comfort read. 1984 for all it's glory doesn't fit the bill.

This was actually a hard one for me, and it may be because I tend to like thoughtful books. Thoughtful books tend to not be cozy comfort reads. Almost all of the books that made me happy were from childhood. I don't think this is a problem, but maybe I need happier reads on my list. I considered using either The Phantom Tollbooth, any of the Mrs. Pollifax books or The 13 Clocks, but it had been so long since I read any of them.

But then I remembered A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage. Yes, ok, I admit it, I'm a nerd. Nothing makes me happier than a history (lite) book about something obscure as drinks and how they impacted the history of the world. Mr. Standage takes six sections (one per beverage) to talk about the discovery and social impact of tea, coffee, beer, wine, spirits, and soda. The impact is so much greater than you would think! (Sidenote: I thought the most boring section would be the soda, but I was completely wrong). I mean, obviously we all know that history is not as simplistic as that. Everything that happens is contingent on a bunch of other things, but certainly food and drink is as important to human history as to humans themselves.

So, now you know that odd things make me happy. I may have chosen the wrong book, but I did need to post something. And it does vie with The Phantom Tollbooth for my affection, and that is certainly saying something.

Ah yes, housekeeping...I'm toying with the idea of another blog. "But Heather, you don't even update your third one very much," I hear you say. Yes, well, yes...that is correct. I don't really have an excuse for that. But I constantly have this urge to photograph my lunches because I'm so proud of how pretty and healthy they are. If you don't know me in real life, when I get the chance to cook for myself, I create mainly raw food. At my most crazy, I cook vegetarian food. That's not to say meat is always unhealthy (hush you lean protein supporters!) it's just not what I eat. Anyway, I mentioned my penchant for photographing my lunch to a friend and she suggested I blog them in order to give others (also looking for healthy options) some ideas. My initial thought was: YES! I will! I will create one now. But my second thoughts are: I'm not sure if I can maintain a fourth blog, AND these are just phone pictures. I don't even own a little nothing digital camera. I mean, I guess the point wouldn't be the photo, it would be more the health content of the food. I'm just not sure. Let me know what you think. Also, let me know what books make you happy. For some of you I can already guess.


CrossEm said...

Wait what what what's your third blog?? I am only familiar with the two! ...I think.
And you must, you MUST do the lunch blog. And once it takes off and is popular and you are making money on it, you can buy yourself a little nothing digital camera. :)

BerlinerinPoet said...

This: http://2012inrealtime.blogspot.com/

LOL! Good points! I mean, at least I could DO something with the phone pictures I have ridiculously accumulated over the weeks.

Carrie said...

I'm a proponent of having many blogs you cant keep up with. I have seven. ;D (It should be noted that I only use 2.)

I would tell you which books make me happy but I suspect you know and I have to go and collect an 11 month old from the top of the stairs... :X

BerlinerinPoet said...

There's just always so many good ideas! haha! I'm following three of your seven. SEVEN!?! hahaha!

I have a feeling your happy books might have something to do with the initials LMM. Am I right? Glad you rescued Bookworm3!