06 February 2012

Something to Chew on with Rob Bell Pt. 3

"And then there are others who can live with two destinations, two realities after death, but insist that there must be some kind of “second chance” for those who don’t believe in Jesus in this lifetime. In a letter Martin Luther, one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation, wrote to Hans von Rechenberg in 1522 he considered the possibility that people could turn to God after death, asking: “Who would doubt God’s ability to do that?

Again, a good question.

And so space is created in this “who would doubt God’s ability to do that?” perspective for all kinds of people–fifteen-year-old atheists, people from other religions, and people who rejected Jesus because the only Jesus they ever saw was an oppressive figure who did anything but show God’s love.” ~Rob Bell


"If God were to save anyone without faith, he would be acting contrary to his own words and would give himself the lie...And that is impossible for, as St. Paul declares, God cannot deny himself [II Timothy 2:13]. It is as impossible for God to save without faith as it is impossible for diving truth to lie...

It would be quite a different question whether God can impart faith to some in the hour of death or after death so that these people could be saved through faith. Who would doubt God's ability to do that? No one, however, can prove that he does do this. For all that we read is that he has already raised people from the dead and thus granted them faith. But whether he gives faith or not, it is impossible for anyone to be saved without faith. Otherwise every sermon, the gospel, and faith would be in vain, false, and deceptive, since the entire gospel makes faith necessary." ~Martin Luther

I know I know....I keep sending out these little teasers. It's really because I have nothing to say about Mr. Bell that hasn't already been said. I just recently read it, and felt the need to clear up some minor misunderstandings. Like, oh you know....BLATANTLY misconstruing Martin Luther's words to back up your beliefs!