05 December 2011

Online Book Club

I'm taking part in an online book club that was brought to my attention by my friend Carrie. You can find more details at her blog Reading to Know.

Reading to Know - Book Club

Beginning in January we'll be reading Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharius. This is very exciting for me because I've wanted an excuse to read one of his books for a very long time. So, I'll be posting what I think of the book on here and you can feel free to join in too! As I've said before, I'm very technologically illiterate, so if you want more information on this go to Carrie's blog. I'm just here for the party.

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Carrie said...

Hurray! I'm glad you are here for the party. =) My copy of the book just arrived in the mail. Happy to share it with you if you want. Just let me know if you want to go first with it and I'll bring it to church with me this coming Sunday.