10 May 2010

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Book: The Crying Tree

Author: Naseem Rakha

Basic Plot: Woman finds consolation after the murder of her son by forgiving son's killer and beginning a life changing correspondance with him.

Actual Purpose of Book: Attempting to solve everything that is wrong with the world from the death penalty to homophobia

I wasn't impressed. Overall I thought the author sounded preachy, obnoxious, and sincerely liberal. The prose itself was decent but fairly gritty and a bit jarring on the senses.
You couldn't connect with any of the characters except a very very minor one who I felt got the short end of the stick. It was at best a well-worded narrative style tirade against the death penalty, with short pit-stops at child abuse, homophobia, racism, feminism, southern baptist pastors, and natural disasters.
Another one to skip in my opinion. I'm going to have to read something good here soon, so I can quit complaining.

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