23 February 2009

My Sister in the Ornaments

I was decorating the Christmas tree

When your audacity struck me


Painted on the ornament are our fictional selves

And I remember a time when she cared for me

What kicks could you possibly get from this?

In the face of my pink jumping jack estranged from her twin

I allow a surge of pain at the back of my eyes

And then there are the shoes we bought together

Mine is green, and hers is purple

Which happens to be my favorite color combination

But she doesn't know that because it is a recent development

And you have blocked her ears to the sound of my voice

There are five small angels for the five innocents whose family you have ripped apart.

Who do you think you are?

The moon and the stars for the young man who would have roped them for his baby niece if she had bid him

The basket of twelve flowers for each year she had with the boy before your winter frost

Sarah the viola and Anne the daisy, plucking their petals to "she loves me, but he loves me not."

And me with the candle to shine the light on your right to remain silent

In the silence of our hurt

Caused by you

Don't get me wrong I rebound fast

We just would like our sister back

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